New Song Released: Люди, Готуйтесь

Hello friends! I’m excited to announce that I’ve just released my first song in Ukrainian. It’s called “Люди, Готуйтесь” which translates to “People Get Ready”. You guessed it right, it’s a cover of the legendary song People Get Ready translated into Ukrainian! 😄

Last year my friend Nikita from Kiev was visiting me and we were talking about music and reminiscing about a tour that I had been on in 2008 in Ukraine with my band Sonsofday. The song People Get Ready came up and Nikita shared with me that after that tour, his friend translated the full song into Ukrainian and they would play it at church together. And this is when the idea was born, to record this song in Ukrainian and share this gem with the Ukrainian people! I hope you enjoy it and I hope it blesses you.

Watch the Lyric Video on YouTube:

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