New Album Released August 21

My new album titled AND MY FEARS WERE OVERCOME will be released on AUGUST 21! I’m very excited to share it with you! 

During these unprecedented and uncertain times in the world, there is a lot of hopelessness and fear in the air. My mission is to spread the message of hope, peace, and love through music. 

When the pandemic hit earlier this year, I was at home one evening talking with my wife, Liya about the impact this will have on us and the world around us and the question was, what can we do about it? I picked up my guitar, as I often do when processing life, and started to play a few songs that I wrote. Liya had a lightbulb moment and said, “People need to hear these songs, especially in times like these. You should record them during the down time.” I gave it some deep thought, and realized it was a wonderful idea! 

I wrote songs that I, myself needed to hear. Some ask questions, some are about processing thoughts and feelings, and others offer conclusions through revelations that I’ve personally had in life. My hope is that my music can uplift, inspire and bless you in some way.


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