New Video "Holding on to You"

Hi friends! ☺️✌🏻 I hope you’re having a good day today, regardless of what the weather is like outside. Sometimes on days like these, it’s important to draw from the bright and colorful energy that we all carry inside of us. If we can tap into this, the sunshine is always just a moment away! I wanna share a song with you all from my latest album "And My Fears Were Overcome" It’s called “Holding on to You”

I wrote this song about the importance of having at least one person in your life that will be there for you no matter what is happening in your life. Someone that won’t let go of you and is there to share the good and the tough days with you. Someone that can help you find the silver lining in the clouds while you’re walking through a storm. This can often be a friend, a parent, a sibling, or a spouse. It takes just one. And if you don’t have one, the next best thing is to be one. I hope you enjoy this song! 😄🙏🏻

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