New Song Released "Gonna Be Alright"

New song GONNA BE ALRIGHT is now available to stream everywhere!

When I was writing this song, I was thinking about how often I misunderstand God. When I read his commandments, I instinctively thought that He gave them to limit my life in some way. After many trials, I learned that He setup boundaries for me because He loves me and wants to protect me from hurting myself and others around me. Other times when I wanted something so badly, I was pleading with God but He didn’t answer me. I thought maybe He didn’t care about me. After some time passed, I could see that what I ended up with was what I really needed in my life. Maybe this COVID19 season threw a monkey wrench into your life and put you on a detour. Try not to worry too much, God’s sees everything and it’s gonna be alright.

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